We Believe - Everything Will Be Ukraine!

We believe in victory. We believe in the Armed Forces. 

We united to be stronger, people who need the help. Ukrainians are supported all over the world!

But we will always remember…

After February 24...

The date 24.02.22 changed all Ukrainians. We have become more mature as a nation/

How It Began

So, one woman from France did an extraordinary thing, being at 9 months of pregnancy, Ella Pratsyovyta raised the attention of Clermont-Ferrand city by going to the square in support of Ukraine. And already in 2 weeks, all the local volunteers who were in the vicinity of this district joined to the woman. The woman founded the “Association “Agir ensemble pour l’Ukraine” Fund, and thanks to the support of the Pharmacien Humanitaires d’Auvergne and the caring people of France, they collected the first truckload of medicines.

After that, the question arose of safe delivery of the corresponding medicines from France to Zhytomyr city. Here, Ella appeal to us as a trusted organization in Ukraine.

Our volunteers in Zhytomyr city took the initiative. We saw and believed the fact that Ukrainians are compared to bees. Perhaps the bee is our totem! Because the self-organization of volunteer assistants is incredible! Someone is unloading and sowing, someone is sorting, someone is on delivery, everyone has taken up their work. Many thanks to the teachers and staff of the Zhytomyr College of Pharmacy.


his Is How Two Teams From France And Ukraine United

Our Team Is Our Strength

Everyone came to our volunteer headquarters in their own way. The war did not leave anyone behind… To the simple question “Why did you become a volunteer?” everyone has the same answer: I CAN’T STAND ASIDE, I HAVE TO HELP SOMETHING”

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How My Volunteering Started?

So, how started the “war-fear-misunderstanding”?! A simple clear awareness that you cannot be left alone! That ‘s how it started…

And the work of the volunteer headquarter appeared like a bolt from the blue, when in the course of helping the logistics headquarter of Zhytomyr Regional State Administration and the military, I was approached by an organization that wanted to transfer the cargo to verified beneficiaries, the “Help Ukraine Together” Association from France and asked for help with delivery of humanitarian cargo…

Marharyta Siranchuk

Head of volunteer headquarter “Diya.Razom”, Acting Director of “Zhytomyr Regional Development Agency”

Our team

Since the beginning of the war, tens of thousands of people in Ukraine partially or completely changed professions and became volunteers in order to be able to defend the country. After all, we hold the rear! Apparently, as with most volunteer organizations at the beginning of March, all our work was based on common personal contacts and was quite chaotic. We asked our team: “How did you become a volunteer?”

Denys Ostrovsky

Nataliia Kurko

Olha Ivanyuk


Julia Shmaliuk

Anna Riaboy

Maxim Zaverukha

Aliona Balabukh

Maryna Kovalchuk

Tatiana Zubrytska

Halyna Kostrykina

Oleh Chovniuk

Nataliia Luta

Ліна Лиманець

Vitallia Klimentieva

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