Mission of the NGO "In Touch Ukraine Foundation"

With the beginning of the invasion of the Russian invaders on the territory of Ukraine, the purpose of the work of our Public Organization is to help military personnel, military personnel, doctors, as well as civilians affected by military actions. 


Creation and implementation of humanitarian aid and restoration of the Zhytomyr region through partnerships with state organizations and volunteer headquarters.

Children are the future!

We are currently focused on helping the most vulnerable. Children are the driving force of each of us! We have no right to give up and hand over a problematic neighbor to them by inheritance!

зі щирим серцем


We take an active public position, which consists in the restoration and development of Ukraine, the state and its citizens. We believe in our future, we have something to fight for!

Principles of the Organization's work

Volunteer activity is carried out on the principles of: voluntariness, benevolence, legality, humanity, ethics, confidentiality, public utility, accessibility and openness, non-interference of state authorities, local self-government bodies and their officials in volunteer activities.

Openness, openness and transparency

Provision of social services to citizens who are in difficult life circumstances and need outside help


Promoting human rights and spreading the value of gender equality.


With the state, with colleagues from other volunteer headquarters.


From political parties, from public opinion, from the state. Honesty, maximum reliability and objectivity of information.


Effectiveness. Active position. We sincerely believe that Ukraine should take a leading place among the developed countries of the world!


Taking into account the interests of all parties. Impartiality and tolerance.


Everyone who turns to us is sure he receives maximum attention to his problems and needs.

We do not divide people into important and less important. Everyone can relay on qualified help and advice from our specialists.

Trust, mutual support and respect are a prerequisite for the coordinated work of our team.

We care about the reputation of our Organization, every employee of the NGO “In Touch Ukraine Foundation” is a carrier of the Organization’s image and must act in accordance with the principles of its corporate culture.

The professional ethics of the Organization is based on the principles of legality, professionalism and competence, objectivity and honesty, partnership and independence, humanity, confidentiality and an individual approach to each visitor.


If you want to learn more about prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse, or if you want to inform us about cases of sexual exploitation and abuse, in particular by humanitarian workers, anonymously is possible, please use contacts below.

Also, you can inform the UN about case of sexual exploitation and abuse by humanitarian workers at the contacts:, or call the "contact line" 0-800-309-110 / 0-800-30-77-11 / 0-800-332-656


Public organization

"IN TOUCH UKRAINE FOUNDATION" NGO defines as the highest priority of its activities the protection of vulnerable population groups which participate in our programs and activities from all forms of abuse and exploitation. Therefore, our team strives to prevent any manifestations of sexual exploitation and abuse of children and adults in order to contribute to the safe and secure development of people in Ukraine.

Our specialists

can provide qualified assistance to victims: medical psychological support legal support shelter and other necessary assistance.

Authorized person for the prevention of SEN GO "IN TOUCH UKRAINE FOUNDATION"

Тel.: +380 98 87 76 628 Еmail:

Information from the UNICEF on prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse