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Vacancies at NGO "In Touch Ukraine"

In order to select persons capable of professionally performing the duties of the position, a competition is held to fill a vacant position.

Stages of the competition:

  1. Adoption of the decision on the announcement of the competition. Announcement of the competition.
  2. Acceptance and consideration of CVs from persons wishing to participate in the competition.
  3. Conducting testing and determining its result.
  4. Conducting an interview and determining its outcomes.
  5. Compilation of the general rating of candidates.
  6. Determination of the winner(s) of the competition. Publication of the result of the competition.
Man welcomes business partners on negotiations
Auditor explaining results of audit to client
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Man welcomes business partners on negotiations

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Before submitting your resume, carefully read the requirements, functionality, and conditions of the position. The selection is made on a competitive basis.

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    Step 1: Fill in all the required fields.
    Step 2: Specify the position you are applying for, the desired salary level.
    Step 3: Upload your resume in the language of your choice and for the specific position
    Step 4: Click on the e-mail at the end of the page, attach your completed resume and send it to us. If you have not found a suitable vacancy, you can send your resume marked "In reserve".