Assistance to Ukrainians from volunteer headquarters, public organizations, charitable foundations.

And all the VOLUNTEERS – SINCERE THANKS! It is extraordinary when Ukrainians in different countries find an opportunity and help our native Zhytomyr region and Ukraine as a whole.

Charitable Foundation “Caritas-Zhytomyr”

The founders of the background are the charitable foundation “Caritas-Kyiv” and the religious community (parish) of St. Basil the Great of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church of the city of Zhytomyr.

Which target groups does it assist:

– IDPs;

– IDPs in transit status (evacuated up to 7 days ago and are planning further relocation);

– affected local population.

– persons with disabilities;

– single mother/father/guardian;

– a large family with 3 or more minor children;

– low-income family;

– a single elderly person aged 60+;

– a pregnant woman/nursing mother with a child up to 2 years old;

– seriously ill.

IDPs can receive:

hygiene products,
drinking water,
family first aid kits.

“Zhytomyr Volunteer Headquarters”

Areas of work:

Ammunition and equipment. Warm clothes, shoes and means of personal protection, communications and security for territorial defense and the military.

Medicines and bandages. Medicines for delivery to places of active hostilities, as well as to hospitals for the wounded. Medicines of first necessity for civilians.

Humanitarian help. Long-term storage products and baby food, as well as personal hygiene products and other items in case of a humanitarian crisis.

Financial assistance. Funds that will allow you to maintain logistics routes and purchase fuel, necessary products and things on the ground.

Charitable organization “BF “SpivDiya”

SpivDiya is a volunteer P2P platform initiated by the Coordination Staff for Humanitarian and Social Issues of the Office of the President of Ukraine.


SpivDiya Hub (a complex of services for the civilian population affected by the war in Ukraine).

Cooperation for the sake of children (children’s support programs).

Spivdiya Shnlder (temporary shelters for IDPs).

Legal support (free legal aid).

Psychological support.

Employment Cooperation.

Cooperation for Entrepreneurs (support for registration and adaptation of one’s own business during the war).

Zhytomyr Relief Headquarters

Areas of activity:

– Provision of the Armed Forces to strengthen and improve the defense capability of our region and our country.

– Humanitarian assistance to socially vulnerable citizens during wartime.

– Medical supplies for socially vulnerable citizens in wartime.

– Logistics of humanitarian goods.

(096) 532 80 22

Zhytomyr, str. Hlibna, 25

(099) 167 5779


Charitable Foundation “Family”


Address: str. Kyivska, 54, Zhytomyr, Zhytomyr Region 10004

(067) 709 83 86


MariMash Charitable Foundation


– lonely elderly people who are left alone with their problems;

– children who now need incredible support and a normal life;

– military personnel who give us a new day every morning.

Charitable Foundation “True Ukrainians”

Assistance with housing.

Aid for the military.

Aid for civilians.

Charitable organization of the “Army Angels” BF

Assistance with housing.

Aid for the military.

Aid for civilians.

“Nadia Ye” Charitable Foundation

The fund’s activities are aimed at implementing cultural, social, educational programs, supporting talented children and youth.

Formation of a new, proactive, responsible generation – the future of Ukraine.

Formation of tolerance in the international region on the way to European integration.

Public organization “Institute of Creative Innovations”

A significant part of the activity is either aimed at young people or involves the involvement of young people in project activities.

Many projects are directly aimed at strengthening the equal rights and opportunities of different social groups.

Development of communities.

Charitable organization “I am a mother!”

Charitable organization “I am a mother!” is open from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00.

helps raise money for treatment;
conducts classes for children and women;
organizes and participates in social projects;
provides material assistance with basic necessities.

Mission to Ukraine

Helps women with unwanted pregnancies and children with disabilities and their families:

Services for women:
pregnancy tests and
consultations regarding unwanted pregnancy.
For young people:
risk behavior prevention program.
Children with disabilities aged 0 to 18 and their families: comprehensive medical and social rehabilitation and humanitarian programs. The services are aimed at helping children with disabilities caused by neurological diseases, genetic disorders, pathologies of the musculoskeletal system, and severe developmental delay.

Zhytomyr regional public organization “Perspektiva”

Solving problems of public health, human rights and legal opportunities of citizens.

– the needs of people who are addicted to drugs and continue to use them,

– people affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

– people who use drugs and who live with HIV are often stigmatized and discriminated against, their rights are constantly violated.

Targeted at such vulnerable groups as:

Injecting drug users (IDUs).
Women of commercial sex (WWW).
Replacement therapy patients.
People in prisons.
Street children.

Currently, the organization has 48 employees who work in five cities of the Zhytomyr region, namely: Zhytomyr, Berdychiv, Korosten, Novograd-Volynskyi, and Korostyshiv.



Zhytomyr, st. Velika Berdychivska, 32

Zhytomyr-14, a/y 121

0412 430 765

(067) 411 70 34


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