TENDER for the rent of office.

Term of deadline presentation offers until 19.08.2022


1.) In order to implement the program of the contract, the Non-Governmental Organization ” Public Organization “IN TOUCH UKRAINE FOUNDATION” is holding a tender for renting of office space.

Basic requirements for the premises:

Location – Zhytomyr city (preference is given to the central districts of the city);

The total area of the object is not less than 160 sq. m.;

Brief description of expectations: Office space should be in satisfactory condition and ready for use. Any defects in the premises must be eliminated at the lessor’s expense by the time the contract is signed.

Material and technical support – the office premises must be connected to electricity and water supply. Also, the office space must be connected to centralized heating system or be equipped with heating devices. An active Internet access point is mandatory. Availability of parking spaces near the office.

The purpose of the facility is office space (according to the facility’s passport or founding documents).

Security – the office premises must be equipped with video surveillance cameras and protected according to the physical security agreement with the entities providing such services.

Civilian security – mandatory availability of public bomb shelter.

Utility payments – when concluding the main lease agreement, an additional agreement on the reimbursement of utility services is concluded.

2.) The lease period is 3 calendar months with the possibility of extending the contract term.

  1. Terms of payment – payment is made monthly within 15 calendar days from the moment of conclusion of the contract. In the future, the monthly payment is made in accordance with the terms of the contract.

4.) Announcement number – No. INTUF – 01/2022

5.) The announcement date is August 12, 2022.

6.) The final date and time for accepting applications is August 19, 2022.

7.) Public links to the announcement of the tender procedure and documents required for participation (https://www.intouchukraine.com )