A unique charity project in Zhytomyr region

Congratulations to the residents of Zhytomyr region and guests of our region!

We would like to present a unique charity project from the United Nations Children’s Fund – UNICEF, implemented by the public organization “In Touch Ukraine” (NGO “In Touch Ukraine”) in Zhytomyr region.

Pay attention! This is not just point humanitarian aid, but a comprehensive solution to many problems that parents, teachers, educators, medical workers, social workers, and civil and communal services are currently facing.

The project is also unique for the UNICEF fund itself. Namely Zhytomyr region that became the discoverer. And that is why the project received increased attention. Because the results of the project are both short-term (safety of children, basic needs) and long-term (we have to take care of our children’s development, psychological health, and in general, prevention is always better than treatment).

What areas will be involved?

Educational direction.

Protection of children.

The social protection.


WASH (water, sanitation, hygiene).

Youth and sports.

A detailed plan of events can be found on the website

Throughout the project, we will announce activities and report on work results. And also, we will be grateful for the feedback.

Our team of NGO “In Touch Ukraine” are not beginners, since the first days of the war, our volunteers have organized themselves like bees and help those in need. For now, we have focused on the least protected – small Ukrainians. Protect, keep save, teach, develop. And the task of adults is to do everything so that our children do not encounter a rabid neighbor again!


In Touch Ukraine

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