Report dated 08/17/2022

1. Two children’s spots “UNICEF Spilno” were organized in Zhytomyr and Berdychiv working from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Activities that take place at the children’s spots “UNICEF Spilno” in Zhytomyr:

psychological training with elements of art therapy “Anti-stress toy”. The children made their own paper geometric toys. Purpose: stimulation of creative release in children, protection from stress, learning to express oneself by creating anti-stress toys, learning to control the level of stress;

activity on motor development and rhythm. Children danced and played rhythmic games. The goal is to ensure the harmonious development of the child through listening and the development of neuromuscular coordination, to develop children’s musical ear, a sense of rhythm and tempo, to have fun, to reduce stress;

play therapy, games with animators. Children played group games with animators and listened to funny stories. The goal: to reduce the level of stress in children, socialization, teach children to play together, acquire skills of group interaction and cooperation, involvement in storytelling.

Activities that take place at the children’s spots “UNICEF Spilno” in Berdychiv:

doll therapy. Children learned to control stress by weaving dolls from threads. The goal: to learn how to work with stress through puppet therapy, to reduce the level of stress in children and to give them the skills to independently control stress;

art therapy “Coffee Drawing”. Children made drawings from coffee beans and powder. Purpose: creative development of the child’s personality with the help of original drawing techniques, to learn a new drawing technique, its use for self-expression;

educational activity “The Art of the Soap Bubble”. Children learned to make soap bubbles and played with them. Purpose: development of the child’s worldview through the prism of observing and touching aesthetically attractive objects, learning how to make soap bubbles and playing with them, reducing the level of stress in children, socialization.

2. Activities for children with disabilities and their parents took place on the basis of the Popasnya complex rehabilitation center “Leleka”:

pedagogical correction (development of speech, development of fine motor skills, development of imagination, thinking, ability to relate);

social rehabilitation (ability to follow instructions and perform tasks, familiarization with tools for working with wood, wood processing, simple wood products);

psychosocial support for parents (training for parents to support emotionally burnt-out mothers of children and youth with disabilities).

3. The distribution of educational polygraphic materials of the UNICEF is accompanied by consultations and discussions, namely:

“Positive Parenting Resources: How to Stabilize Yourself and Prevent Emotional Burnout”

“Difficult child behavior: how to find the key to positive changes”

“How to help a child who is under stress?”

“Psychological support groups for teenagers”

“Psychological support groups for parents”

“Five languages ​​of love in communication with your child”

4. Households are being registered by social workers to receive multi-functional cash transfers financed by UNICEF. 5. The coordination center conducts consultations for the public: information, clarification. Administration of registrars.