Why learn English?!

No, friends, that’s not the question. This appeal to parents – because it is a necessity!

The modern world is moving, Ukraine is moving. Children are the engine of these changes.

We are already used to the fact that children are “born” advanced in digital technologies. But, unfortunately, we pay little attention to communications. Knowledge of the English language, at least spoken, helps to talk with Europe, America – with the whole world.

The question why is already in the past. Now the question arises: how, where. But it is not so difficult.

The coordinator of the NGO “In Touch Ukraine”, Marharyta Siranchuk, organized a conversational English club for children. It is by her example that Marharyta proves that knowledge of the English language is not only for translators.

“In general, I did not study English in higher specialized educational institutions. I have a legal education. But it was at work that I encountered the need to improve the level of English knowledge – in negotiations with foreign representatives. That’s how my studies began. Of course, I consider “live communication” with carriers to be the most effective. By the way, I strongly advise parents to learn English as well. When I started teaching, I had basic knowledge (school, university), but it turned out to be insufficient. It is a pity that outdated methods are still used in educational institutions. Communicating with English teachers, I saw in some cases the use of advanced methods. But this is more like an exception – tutors, courses. I would very much like schools and kindergartens to globally change the approach to the methodology of learning English.”

It is possible to learn English in different ways. It is possible to apply for paid courses, to tutors. It can be both offline and online. Analyze for yourself: what is the English language for me or my child. We also advise: look at reviews of certain resources, this will allow you not to waste money.

It is possible to learn English independently. Of course, a professional teacher – as an instructor – can give direction and methodology. These can be textbooks on self-education. Costs are your time, effort and focus. Watching movies in the native language can be helpful.

An interesting technique for improving the level of knowledge of spoken English was shared with us by the manager of administrative activities of the IT company. Having a higher education in the specialty of Translator (English and German), she encountered the so-called “psychological barrier” in communicating with native speakers. To overcome this barrier, and so that the language is not forgotten, Marina recommended resources: italki, Cambly.

You can sign up from your Google account, see teachers, listen to their language, choose the appropriate one. Choose and pay for the subscription option (depending on the number of days and duration of lessons), schedule a conversation with the teacher. This is good practice so that the language is not forgotten.

The public organization “In Touch Ukraine” will continue to conduct free educational lessons for children. In the classes, children will learn to distinguish and correctly pronounce English sounds, learn basic expressions, memorize intonations, standard phrases: greetings, goodbyes, etc. Such useful practice helps children develop their memory and learn new information about English-speaking culture. We invite children and parents to join. Schedule and registration for training – Telegram. At the moment, training lessons are held at Splinno.Tochka (Zhytomyr, near the cinema “Zhovten”).

Join us, we have a fun and interesting way to learn English!