The executive director of the UN Catherine Russell Children’s Fund visited Zhytomyr region

Taking into account that Zhytomyr region is now one of the leaders in the number of projects implemented with UNICEF in Ukraine, today the executive director of the UN Children’s Fund Katherine Russell has visited Zhytomyr region, and has seen the results of six months cooperation of the Fund with Zhytomyr Regional State Administration, Zhytomyr City Council, NGOs and communities of the region⛳️

One of these organizations is our team of the PO “NGO” In Tach Ukraine Fund 🤝

What did the extraordinary person come to our Zhytomyr?

Catherine Russell, from 2013 to 2017, adopted the position of Ambassador of Special Tasks of Global Women's Problems at the US State Department. In this position, she integrated women's problems into all US foreign policy structures, represented the United States in more than 45 countries and worked with foreign governments, multilateral organizations and civil society. Ms. Russell is the main developer of the US innovative global strategy for expanding the rights and opportunities of teenage girls. And from 2020 to 2022, Ms. Russell worked in the US government as an assistant to the President and Director of the Office of the President of the White House.

As part of the meeting in Zhytomyr Regional State Administration, the current and implemented projects were discussed with colleagues and the team:

The UNICEF officers saw with their own eyes the consequences of a rocket strike at school No.  25.

Opportunities to restore it were discussed.

🔹Saw the renovated shelter at school No. 28 (where UNICEF has already provided funds for ventilation repair work to ensure proper access of children to the educational process in Zhytomyr region) 🙏

🔹Visited a perinatal center with new equipment from UNICEF 🐥

The Children’s Fund provided specialized medical care for maternity and children’s departments of the regional perinatal center in Zhytomyr, hospitals in Malyn, Brusyliv, Korostyshiv, Radomyshl, Olevsk and other cities. According to preliminary calculations, before the project is completed, more than 100,000 children and women will receive medical care in UNICEF facilities.

🔹Observe the work of the children’s spot “Spilno” in Zhytomyr

The safe and bright atmosphere of the space helps children reduce stress, cope with emotional stress and gain useful skills. What is no less important, both resettled people and local residents who needed special attention due to the war can receive meaningful consultations and help from qualified personnel.

🔹🔹At the end, the UNICEF officers had time to chat and even draw together with teenagers in the youth center of the NGO “Institute of Creative Innovations” and visit the Forum of male and female volunteers💫