Zhytomyr region


The UNICEF Representative Office in Ukraine was opened in 1997 after the state signed the Basic Agreement on Cooperation between the Government of Ukraine and UNICEF. On September 21, 1999, the agreement was ratified by the Parliament of Ukraine, creating grounds for UNICEF’s cooperation with the government of Ukraine to improve the lives of children and families in Ukraine.


  • Children’s rights in Ukraine.
  • Activities of the UNICEF Representative Office in Ukraine.
  • Advocacy, Information and Social policy.
  • Child protection.

• Child Health and Development.

UNICEF Central Office, Switzerland, Geneva. The United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF (English: United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF, pronounced [ˈjuːnɨsɛf]) is a specialized structure of the United Nations, created on December 11, 1946. UNICEF is a global leader in protecting the rights and interests of children, working in more than 190 countries and territories around the world to protect and support children from birth to adulthood.


Complex emergency response in Zhytomyr region to cater the needs of children, parent and caregivers affected by the armed conflict in Ukraine

Cross-sectoral project of UNICEF in Zhytomyr region, implemented by NGO “In Touch Ukraine Foundation” in the following directions:


Children’s access to high-quality school and preschool education. Organization of a STEM laboratories and FabLabs, implementation of the “Back to school” system.

Child Protection

Social and psychological support, foster families, children’s spots “Spilno”, support teams – against violence, rehabilitation centers.

Social Protection

Financial assistance to families in need, coordination center, feedback system, consultations, administration.

Health care

Shelter equipment, immunization, vaccination, provision of medical equipment, consultations.

Hygiene and sanitation - WASH

Restoration of infrastructure (water and sewerage), sanitary and hygienic means, humanitarian assistance to the needy.

Youth and Sport

Social support of youth, teenagers and promotion of social cohesion

Zhytomyr region

“War is not something for what you can morally and psychologically prepare in advance. But we have to do everything possible so that our children pass through it as protected as possible. Initiatives similar to the one that is starting now in Zhytomyr region with the support of our international partners will help the children to adapt faster and solve the problems which face displaced people and all residents of Zhytomyr region every day.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, financial assistance can be received by families with:

  – three or more children under the age of 18, or

  – one child with a disability under the age of 18.

The following supporting documents are required to complete an application for financial assistance:

  1. Children’s birth certificate.
  2. Certificate (certificate of medical advisory commission) about disability (if available).
  3. Identification code of parents.
  4. Parents’ passport.
  5. Bank account to which payment will be made (international account number in IBAN format, 29 characters). Where to get it: Internet banking, ATM – on receipt, contact a bank specialist.

To find out at what stage of verification your application is, you need to call the helpline 0-800-600-017 (calls are free of charge).


In Touch Ukraine

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