Access to high-quality school and preschool education. PLAN\FACT:

  • provisions for 210,000 children, including 1,500 pupils with special educational needs;
  • 8,000 teachers receive support and training;
  • 25,000 children of preschool age receive access to educational services;
  • 50 schools supported with information and development materials;
  • 200 teachers receive knowledges on EORE.

Organization of 17 STEM laboratories and FabLabs

The organization of STEM laboratories and FabLabs with the aim to make childrens up with educational process and returning teachers to a sustainable teaching process, supporting institutions of professional education. Coverage is 40,000 children in 16 schools of Zhytomyr region and a professional development institute.

STEM laboratories and FabLab – training

Trainings for teachers on the implementation of Stem-education and technologies in the educational process in Zhytomyr Regional Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education (ZRIPPE).

Coverage of teachers who will acquire the skills in science and mathematics cycle is 2,000 thousand of teachers per year (free of charge) on the basis of ZRIPPE.


STEM laboratories and FabLab - installation, commissioning

Equipment for 17 laboratories (assuming that for 1 location = 10 stationary computers, 5 tablets, 5 sets of robotics, 10 sets of microcontrollers, 2 3D printers and scanners, 2 laser and milling machines with numerical software control, 10 sets of glasses virtual reality).



Activities in spheres of education, training, preschool development within the framework of the UNICEF cross-sectoral project in Zhytomyr region, which is implemented by the NGO “In Touch Ukraine”. PLAN\FACT.

Training for children jn Explosive ordnance risk education (EORE) Coverage is 50,000 children

Coverage is 50,000 children

Facilitated games, methodical support of teachers, lessons at higher educational institutions.

Organization of accessible distance education

Coverage is 5,000 children

- provision of devices (laptops for teachers, laptops for children).

Kindergartens. Implementation of socio-pedagogical partnership

For 25,000 children

Provision of a quality educational program for children of age from 2.3 to 6 years, in summer, on safe behavior of children and their parents during wartime.

For children with special needs

Development inclusive educational materials, providing children with special needs with special transport and assistive technologies (28 inclusive and resources centres (IRC), strengthening of educational activities, expertise in IRCs and the educational rehabilitation center, seminars for IRCs teachers and teacher assistants (ICF training) Coverage is 6,000 children.



Sets for corrective work


A set of materials for psychodiagnostics


School bus for children with disabilities

Implementation of the "Back To Learning" System

To return of 80,000 children to the educational process (includes preparation for the return to primary and secondary school education; the work of mobile teams will be established, which will include catch-up training, consultations once a week; preparation of bomb shelters in educational institutions; provision of UNICEF kits and materials that are missing for the educational process)/

Coordination, materials and technical tools

Modeling of new approaches to blended learning and pilot implementation in 50 educational institutions.

Installation and commissioning

Creation of 10 hubs for communities that have problems with access to the educational process (no Internet/bad roads, etc.).

Involvement of experts

Improving the qualifications of ZRIPPE experts who will scale the system approach of work in 570 educational institutions in the districts which are participants of integration system.

Complex of educational courses

Held by ZRIPPE for the teaching staff of 570 educational institutions, 1,980 participants (1,710 teachers + 270 psychologists). In order to form a unified approach of teachers' work with children in every school of the region (570 institutions). Coverage is 2,000 teachers and 80,000 children.


Recreation kits for general secondary education institutions (570 institutions).

Carrying out educational activities

In 570 schools including EORE standards, psycho-social support and educational and game forms.

Installation and launch

Additional equipment for educational institutions, including equipment for bomb shelters (as of today, 70 institutions are covered)/

Coordination, materials and technical tools

Formation and support of children through 4 mobile teams (consisting of a psychologist, a teacher, a volunteer) of the most affected groups of children without access to education (technical support of a team).



Аbout the work done

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