Child Protection

Social and Psychological Support of Children and Parents

As part of the cross-sectoral UNICEF project in Zhytomyr region, implemented by the NGO “In Touch Ukraine” to provide social services for children, parents, and guardians who suffered in the result of the war

150,000 children

socio-psychological support of children, parents and guardians

15,000 families

socio-psychological support of children, parents and guardians

600 specialists,

who have improved their skills in the principles and tools of child protection during humanitarian response

2,500 children

provision of specialized services

60 children

maintaining the form of upbringing, patronage of children who suffered as a result of the conflict

10 children’s spots Spilno

10 spots Spilno for children in the region

Provision of Psychosocial Support

and mental health of 10,000 children in territorial communities of Zhytomyr region


Services of psychologists

Providing psychological and social services to children

Creating a sensory room

To provide psychosocial support for the most vulnerable categories of children


Fare payment

Transportation of psychological services for children

Support of 15,000 vulnerable families with children, humanitarian case management

Purchase of non-food products to support the most vulnerable families with children, namely improving sanitary and material living conditions, helping to create comfortable conditions for the child, meeting his needs, preventing the child from being placed in institutional facilities.

Training for workers of social sphere, education, psychologists

To strengthen the system of children's rights protection during humanitarian response (psychological first aid, case management in emergency conditions, social support, referral, specialized services for vulnerable categories, communication in work with children and their parents, guardians, etc.). Offline\online.


  • Support after offline trainings for 100 employees/specialists, members of interdisciplinary teams through group and individual supervisions.
  • Conducting 4 group online sessions.
  • Support after training through individual online 30 consultations with 30 workers/specialists of social services, services for children (assuming that 100 people participated in 4 offline trainings – representatives of 30 communities, members of interdisciplinary teams).

Foster families

Support of family forms of upbringing, patronage of 60 children who suffered as a result of the conflict

патронат 2

Technical support of 7 training events (6 training days each) for 112 candidates for foster parents, guardians and custodians, adopters.

4 online meetings with 100 foster parents, foster parents, foster carers and their voluntary assistants on stabilizing the psycho-emotional state in wartime conditions, explosive objects, psychological features of communication with children who have been affected by psycho-traumatic events, techniques for helping children with typical reactions to stress the event.

патронат 1
патронат 5

Training for 24 candidates for foster care teachers and their volunteer assistants from Zhytomyr (18 people), Kyiv (2 people) and Rivne (4 people) regions (12 training days for each family).

Creation of 10 safe places for children in territorial communities of Zhytomyr region to provide psychosocial and other services according to needs:


  • 3 on open sites – Berdychiv, Zhytomyr, Korosten urban territorial communities;
  • 7 – in premises – Baranivka, Yemilchyno, Malyn, Ruzhyn, Olevsk, Popilnia, Lubar territorial communities.

Provision of essential stationery, supplies and refreshments for 10 UNICEF safe places “Spilno”.


Children’s furniture and children’s equipment.

Against Violence!

Prevention and response to violence against children, boys, girls and women through capacity building of 33 mobile teams, communication and resource support for the teams’ activities.

Communication and resource support

For the prevention and response to violence against boys, girls and women (uniforms for 165 employees, communication materials, information and distribution materials, replenishment of first aid kits.

Individual supervision

Individual supervision for members of 33 mobile brigades for prevention and response to violence against boys, girls and women (1 group supervision and 2 individual).

Group supervision

Group supervisions for members of 33 mobile teams to prevent and respond to violence against boys, girls and women (35 group consultations).

Transport support

Transport support of the regional mobile brigade for the implementation of supervisory and monitoring functions for the effective operation of 33 mobile brigades (2 trips per month).

% completion

Introduction of new specialized social services

For children, parents/guardians (services for children with disabilities). Resource provision of specialized services for children with disabilities, equipment (equipment of offices: early rehabilitation, psychologist's office, speech therapist's office, director's and accountant's office, physical rehabilitation, labor training, social rehabilitation.

General program support for the child protection component

50 trips to the territorial communities of the region with the purpose of holding meetings and events with social workers, service providers, members of interdisciplinary teams in the territorial communities of the region.



Appeal of citizens

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