The project “Spilno.Spot”

The project ” Spilno. Meeting Spot” from the UNICEF Children’s Fund aimed at supporting children and parents.
Children and their families can receive humanitarian assistance, psychological support, and attend educational, creative, and entertainment events. Psychologists, medical and social workers, volunteer consultants work there. Games are organized for children, and consultations from specialists are provided for adults. In Zhytomyr city, the first meeting spot “Spilno” was created in partnership with the Public Organization “In Touch Ukraine” and is located in the city center, next to the “Zhovten” cinema.

Working hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., daily, Mon-Sun. In the case of an air raid alarm, the nearest shelters located at the address Borysa Liatoshynskoho str.,14 – School No.23, Skorulskoho ave., 5 – opposite the Green tent.

Similar “Spilno” spots will be opened soon in Zhytomyr region, in particular in Berdychiv, Baranivka, Malyn, Olevsk, Popilnia and Lyubar communities. The schedule of activities and the list of classes will be published later. At such meetings, basic psycho-emotional help will be provided for children and teenagers, in addition, parents will be able to join the creative process. Here you will be able to get not only psychological support, as well as humanitarian aid for babies (diapers, etc.).

We draw your attention that all peace initiatives are free of charge and designed to support children and teenagers during the war, to involve them in creativity, communication with peers.

Together, we must give back to the children their childhood!