Head of the UNICEF Project Lead in Zhytomyr region

The public organization “IN TOUCH UKRAINE FOUNDATION” invites to cooperation the project lead to support the Project of the UN Children’s Fund – UNICEF in Zhytomyr region. The main directions of the project: education, medicine, social protection, child protection, water supply and hygiene. The project implementation period is 9 months.

Basic requirements:

  • Completed higher education of “Master degree” in the field of management/law/public relations.
  • Work experience as a project manager for at least 3 years;
  • The presence of managerial experience in the implementation of at least one international technical assistance project in the areas of infrastructure development/ social sphere/regional development;
  • Knowledge of the English language, both speaking and professional (at a level no lower than Advanced);
  • Strong management and communication skills, ability to organize team work;
  • Skills in managing finances, marketing, project activities, document management;
  • Good user of a PC, Internet user, e-mail, SRM systems, creation of multimedia presentations, public speeches;
  • Availability of accreditation certificates in the field of project activity – at least 2;
  • Ability to work for results, independence, responsibility, crisis management skills;
  • The presence of a letter of recommendation confirming the successful implementation of the international project by the candidate (it can be provided by project donor, partner, beneficiary);
  • Zero tolerance to any manifestations of violence and discrimination, compliance with ethical standards.

Main duties:

  • Development of project implementation plans and successful launch of the project;
  • Compilation of project documents, approval of the project implementation report;
  • Organization of an effective project management system;
  • Coordination and management of the project team, support of communication with project partners;
  • Financial management of the project;
  • Organization and support of meetings, working meetings regarding project implementation.

We guarantee you:

comfortable working conditions: a five-day working day from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. in the office and in the center of Zhytomyr city;

  • the possibility of professional growth;
  • timely payment of services under the business contract.

Please send your resume to e-mail: in.touch.ukraine.hr@gmail.com . The manager will contact you.